Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What topics are covered in the Perfect Match Maker Survey?

The 11 topics covered in the survey are sexual orientation, geographic location, relationship type, age, height, weight, marriage goals, feelings towards having children, ethnicity, religious beliefs and financial status. We also ask for your personal contact information to be disclosed only to your “perfect match.”

Q. How does the matching work?

Every question of the survey acts as a filter to weed out incompatible romantic partners. Each question has been designed to gauge your personal preferences and feelings regarding core relationship issues that can often be deal breakers for many potential couples. If 2 people have MUTUALLY compatible responses to ALL 11 survey topics, that is what we call a “perfect match.”

Q. What happens after a “perfect match” has been identified?

If 2 people in our database answer all 11 of the survey questions as a compatible match, we send both people an email notifying them of the match along with the option to purchase the personal contact information of their match for a fee of $20. Contact info will include your perfect match's full name, personal email address, personal phone number, and any available social media profile names entered during the survey process. Or you can do nothing and simply wait for your perfect match to contact you!

Q. What if I decide I no longer wish to be contacted by a “perfect match” or I want to change one of my survey responses?

Simply send an email to or message us through the website including your email address and let us know what changes you would like to make.

Q. What if I still have more questions?

Feel free to email us at with any questions.